motoring inspired

New to Old North Sactamento, Shift Coffee is the love child of vintage motorsports and top notch coffee. Be it enjoying the great coffee and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, checking out one of our vintage sport cars or café racers, shopping our vintage motorsports inspired swag, or joining us to watch a Formula 1 race, Shift is more than the sum of all its parts… It’s and experience.

vintage del paso.jpg

the backdrop

Set on historic Route 40 and known for its rich motoring history, its obvious why we chose Old North Sacramento to set up shop for our first Shift Coffee. The California portion of Highway 40, followed the route of the Lincoln Highway, the first coast-to-coast road, and cut right through the heart of this storied part of Sacramento. With all of its styling cues coming from the 20's-40's Historic Highway 40, now called Del Paso Blvd, is still a jewel in the crown that is Northern California.

Shift Coffee_-17 copy.jpg

the coffee

From the start we were hell bent on finding the freshest, best tasting, small-batch, slow roasted, specialty coffee and that's how we found Moschetti. There are no hidden secrets with the owner Fabrice — just premium beans treated with the utmost respect. Moschetti roasts six days a week to ensure optimum freshness, then delivers to us within 24 hours of production.


the food

Inside of Shift is a Queso Kings Grilled Cheese Bar that specializes in serving quality interpretations of classic grilled cheese sandwiches. Highly acclaimed and highly rated for their restaurants and Pop-Ups, we are proud to have their first Sacramento Location inside of Shift. With both sweet and savory sandwiches you get to experience everything from the taste and feel of French Pastry to St. Louis Barbecue all presented in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich. It's truly amazing!