one of fifty fashion

Our beliefs on what to wear follows our beliefs on how to builds cars, motorcycles and furniture; they should have a sense of occasion, positively stimulate as many senses as possible, and feel great to the touch. That being said, we introduce an idea that is truly new in it's conception, One of Fifty. Not only do they cover all of our beliefs but are custom and limited to 50 TOTAL PIECES. Each piece will be individually numbered so you will know that you are getting something special. Our line is about experience, being active, creative and comfortable. It's are a celebration of how a thing should feel when it touches your skin, how it makes you feel when you wear it, and how it ages over time.


Tees and sweatshirts

When you gotta' but something... look cool doing it.

Shirts and flannels

Comfort at an extreem.


Coming Spring soon.